Q: Can I become a contributor?

A: Yes! Simply sign up for a NHR account and then submit a request via the contact form with the subject Blog Writer

Q: Is there a way to tag my posts?

A: Wix Blog uses hashtags just like all your favourite social media platforms so you can tag your posts to make it even easier for readers to find what they want!

Q: What's with the headings in the blog menu?

A: Those are the key categories. Whatever you post needs to fit into one of those categories (which can be done by adding a hashtag with that category's name in e.g. #bloggingtips);

- Writing about the latest horror movie, a criminal case or something spooky/strange? Then you want the Teraphenia category!

- Want to tell the world about your latest tabletop victory or boardgame purchase?

That lives in the Da Grumpy Gitz category!

- Want to talk about nerd culture news, conventions, cosplay and other forms of geekery?

That post lives in the H.M.S. Anorak category!

- This blog post is a Blogging Tips post so that's the category it lives in!

Easy Peasy.

Q: Can I put pictures and/or videos in to my blog posts?


You can even post gifs!

The Common Sense/Courtesy Bits:

  • Do not use any media that you do not own the rights to. If you use anything with a creative commons license, link to the original creator in your post.

  • The Nerdhaven Radio Crew reserve the right to remove any content which they feel is inappropriate. We will alert you if your content is removed for this reason. If you are found to be inciting hate or posting anything illegal or irrelevant, your account will be deleted along with the offending posts.

  • DO NOT share your personal information with commenters, blog users, etc. on this page. Users are responsible for their own safety when using this website. The NHR team will never ask for your personal or account details

  • If you are posting content that may be upsetting for some users, preface your post with a trigger warning list so that other users can make an informed decision about if they want to read the post

  • Be nice to each other. There's enough evil in the world already so let's not add to it here, ok?

#FAQ #BloggingTips

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