Drop Pods, Flamers & Unintentional Kitbashing - My First Minis & How They’ve Shaped Me

I’ve been collecting Warhammer minis since 2009, when one of my friends first encouraged me to come along to our local GW’s Vet‘s Night one chilly January evening and tricked me into basecoating their drop-pods for 2 hours. This is also how I met TheSlowPainter, so I kinda owe them my first born now (Ha! Joke’s on you! I’m not having kids!)

My first ever built and painted minis were a pack of metal Flamers of Tzeentch which I painted in increasingly crazy colours and gave silly names to. I instantly took a liking to Tzeentch as a concept and thought the flamers would give me a chance to learn and practice some interesting paint blending techniques.

(L-R) BonBon, Twinkie & Jellybean. Not pictured is Emo Steve - the grayscale flamer I did to practice black gradients

Between then and now I’ve dabbled with painting other systems (specifically SodaPop Minis, Malifaux and Kingdom Death) and have bounced between different 40k armies (without ever actually playing a game of 40k until last year!).

Some of my earlier painting attempts from outside of the GW catalogue

In 2010, I started with a Necron army that used an unhealthy amount of Tin Bitz paint and a small box of clock parts - yes they were steampunk themed - I even bought a Monolith and converted it into a FUNCTIONAL analogue clock, though the hands were seriously unstable and I didn’t really know how to fit the mechanism properly so it wasn’t at all accurate at telling time. I learned a lot from those early kit bashes (and I’ve recently bought another monolith, so watch this space for Clock-o-lith 2.0!)

My work in progress of “Mr Pinchy” - Naming things has never been my strong suit

Even now, with 10 years of being “in the hobby” under my belt, I’ve always held 40k at arms length, but last year I started an Eldar army so that I could play Heralds of Ruin kill team with TheSlowPainter and not only did I love playing the smaller scale skirmish variant of classic 40K, but I loved building and painting my Eldar (they’re not finished yet though, obviously). My army are Ulthwe and as a result my HQ choice is Eldrad “socks older than your entire race” Ulthran. He was the first model for the army that I painted and I think I spent about 48 hours on him in total; carefully prepping him, adding in some little features to make the model look like a piece of art that I’d completely fallen in love with and then finally painting him, including some painstakingly freehanded runes on his cloak. I was really proud of him.

I know he’s not perfect, but he is a testament to how much I’ve improved in the past decade

I’ve always been the kind of person to just give things a go, I was raised on a steady diet of Bob Ross and DIY shows so ”you can do anything you put your mind to“ is a mindset that was drilled into me by both my parents and the TV. Mistakes are just opportunities in my eyes, and as frustrating as they may be they don’t usually render a situation unresolvable. I’m generally happy to have just made progress or learned a new technique and I like sharing my success and supporting other people in their own ventures, so hopefully this blog will help me chart my progress now that I’m actively pursuing the hobby and maybe it’ll help someone else one day too!

What to expect

I will make progress as and when I can, and will share updates where available in a blog post a maximum of once a week (I have a day job and a podcast network to run, so it’s a matter of finding time). If you want to see something closer to realtime updates, you can follow me on instagram @nhrtania

My first actual post for this blog, all about Necromunda and what I’ve been doing for my first ever Necromunda campaign will be appearing sometime over the next few days... probably Sunday.

Until then, don’t forget to thin your paints and don’t dream it, build it (。•̀ᴗ-)✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

Leicester, UK

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